Free Professional Development for 

Ontario Public School Teachers

We want to support Ontario educators with online learning. 

We are offering free professional development to help teachers leverage strategies for increasing engagement in virtual classrooms. Facilitated by Future Design School’s team of experts, these interactive and live sessions are filled with tools, free resources and strategies for creating collaborative and engaging virtual experiences for students. 

Participants will learn 3 simple but effective protocols to create opportunities for student collaboration. 


  • Ensuring active participation from all group members
  • Increasing students agency through the use of collaborative tools in breakout rooms
  • Creating interdependence through structured collaboration

These strategies will be followed by a rapid-fire round of sharing tips and tricks for making presentations interactive and all participants will walk away with a cheatsheet of protocols and ideas for online engagement. 

Check out additional resources for remote learning curated by the Future Design School Team below!


These sessions are FREE for Ontario educators at all levels! Choose from one the available time slots below to secure your spot:  

February 9

February 11

February 16

Free Lessons for Ontario Public School Teachers


Wellbeing remains a top priority for most teachers. Students are spending more time on screens on a day to day basis, they may be feeling isolated and disconnected from the school community and they may be feeling anxious about the pandemic and other events happening around the world. In these three lessons, we provide students with self-guided activities and strategies around mindfulness; encouraging them to turn off their screens and channel their inner optimist.


Politics continues to dominate the news cycle and many students are consuming information from opinion sources daily. As students watch events unfold and listen to others on social media; they need to do so through the lens of a critical thinker. In these two lessons, we provide students with tools and strategies to critically unpack news stories, question bias and to explore the impact that government structures have on our day to day lives.

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