Great learning is possible anywhere. We have resources to support school leaders, educators, students and parents to engage in deeply effective remote learning. 

We can support your school with our online student programs, virtual professional development, one on one coaching and strategic support.

Online Student Programs

Future Design School offers a number of direct to student workshops in a variety of topics. Suitable for students in all grades, students will learn tools and methods to develop their future ready skill sets. 

We have online student programs available in:

-  Entrepreneurship 

-  Equity & Inclusion 

-  App Design 

-  Leadership 

-  Design Thinking 

-  Career Exploration 

-  Project Management

Programs are available in a variety of flexible formats; including certification offerings.

Virtual Professional Development

Future Design School has worked directly with thousands of educators and partnered with hundreds of schools across North America. We work with school leaders to develop sustained Professional Development programs that result in measurable growth and respond to the unique context of your school. Our programs, which are designed to be sustained over time, can be offered through multiple modular formats. We offer flexible scheduling as well as one on one coaching. We can work with your team to craft a customized plan that meets your unique needs.

Strategic Support

Future Design School has developed an expertise in the business of education working with hundreds of schools and districts across North America and Europe. 

We’ve helped our clients; transition to online learning, redesign timetables, develop new curriculum, improve school culture, increase admissions, develop coaching capabilities, transform pedagogical documentation, advance assessment practices, strengthen instructional practices, rethink report cards, and develop new funding strategies. 

Our team are leaders in solving complex challenges. With deep business and education backgrounds, our team are sought after partners working alongside educational leaders globally. Future Design School’s seasoned team of experts can be enlisted to provide assistance whenever it is required.



Future Design School supports deep competency development and skill mastery through exceptional learning experiences.

Future Design School works with schools and districts across North America; providing world class professional development, curriculum resources and strategic support.