Inquiry for Grade 7 Math

In the Inquiry for Grade 7 Math Unit, Designing for a Disaster, students will be investigating natural disasters through a mathematical and scientific lens. Students will look at data collection & relationships, geometry and spatial sense to investigate the stability of structures with different forces acting on them. Students will also look at the role measurement plats in construction and design. This unit should be taught alongside the Inquiry for Grade 7 Science unit. Students are driving towards answering the question, How might we design a structure that withstands a natural disaster in a chosen community?

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Curriculum Expectations

This Inquiry for Grade 7 Math unit addresses a number of overall expectations from the Ministry of Ontario Curriculum.

  • Measurement
  • Geometry and Spatial Sense
  • Data Management and Probability

Inquiry for Grade 7 Math
Inquiry for Grade 7 Math
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