New + Hot Courses for Middle School

Design Thinking for Middle School

Embed Design Thinking into your course to create meaningful and engaging learning experiences for your students. This course teaches a process of ideation, validation and rapid prototyping to create real solutions for real users by addressing real problems currently facing our local and global communities.

Middle School Entrepreneur Program

Engage students in creating meaningful new business ventures that are well thought out and have clear direction. This course provides tools for students to determine a focus, develop an understanding of their customers and build a sustainable business model. Students will learn a flexible skillset that will help them manage their time and resources.

Design Thinking for Grade 6 Science

In the Design Thinking for Grade 6 Science, Human Impact on Biodiversity, program, students will learn about biodiversity and its importance in maintaining the stability of ecosystems.

Equity & Inclusion for Middle School

The Equity & Inclusion course is a deeply transformative course that engages students in thoughtful and meaningful reflection. Students will participate in activities both individually and collaboratively, that will help them to understand unconscious bias, privilege and our own sphere of influence.

Leadership for Middle School

The Leadership for Middle School course is an exciting and highly impactful program for students. The journey that students will embark on is highly personalized and allows them to highlight their own leadership qualities as well as highlight areas of opportunity.

STEM for Middle School

Build on your students’ natural curiosities through experiential math and science.Cultivate students’ problem solving skills and creative confidence to develop solutions, using an engineering mindset and approach, to authentic challenges.

Future Skills Certificates for Middle School

Obtain official designation to grant micro-credentials to students on a variety of future skills. Through successful completion of professional development, educators gain access to premium curriculum resources and are able to run official Future Design School certificate programs for Elementary School students. All Future Skills Certificate programs are adjudicated by FDS and students receive official certificates to supplement their resumes and portfolios.

Popular Playbooks for Middle School

Design Thinking Playbook

Unpack the history of design thinking and learn implementable frameworks being leveraged by top business leaders and educators.


Personalized Inquiry Playbook

Learn how to empower students to take control of their learning by engaging them through personalized inquiry. Leverage best practices for crafting big questions, honouring student choice, and scaffolding ongoing inquiry.


Project Based Learning Playbook

Learn best practices for implementing project based learning in the classroom. Gain insights from real world examples and leverage proven methodologies.