Project Based Learning Playbook

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Learn best practices for implementing project based learning in the classroom. Gain insights from real world examples and leverage proven methodologies.

Our Project Based Learning Playbook offers invaluable advice on the best approaches, tools, methodologies and processes for engaging students through PBL practices and hands-on experience.

Project Based Learning Playbook
Project Based Learning Playbook
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Learn how to get started.

Our easy to read playbook is a great starting point for educators looking to learn more about PBL.

The Project Based Learning Playbook includes:
  • An overview of what Project Based Learning is and why it is used as a framework to drive student engagement
  • Best practices for planning, implementing and assessing Project Based Learning
  • Practical advice and guidance for implementation
  • Real world examples and insights from other educators

Start effectively leveraging Project Based Learning in your classroom

Best practices & methodology

Learn a step by step process for engaging students in personal inquiry with valuable insights and real world examples from other K-12 educators.

Big Ideas Explored

  • Ongoing student-driven inquiry
  • Creating authentic learning experiences that connect to the real-world
  • Honouring student voice and choice in the classroom
  • Connecting with real audiences

Learn How To

  • Make learning relevant to current events
  • Develop deep questioning
  • Create opportunities for ongoing reflection
  • Develop skills in global and future vision