Building, Growing & Retaining a Dynamic Teacher Team

During a standing-room-only session at the 2023 Prizmah Conference, Future Design School Founder and CEO Sarah Prevette unpacked how to attract top talent, the role of leadership in attracting and retaining top talent, and setting up systems for maintaining a high performance team. 

Here are some key insights Sarah shared with the school leaders in attendance:

Great talent wants to work with a great team. This means providing an exciting vision, meaningful work, tangible impact, ongoing growth, and positive culture. In addition, great teams emphasize communication, culture, collaboration, and creativity.

Top talent wants to work for a great leader. 

What we know is that great leaders balance: 

  • Ambition with humility 
  • Confidence with contemplation
  • Direction with consultation 
  • Gravitas with humor 
  • Steadfast with flexibility
  • Empathy with resolve

The key resource in any organization — but especially in schools — is its staff team. It is therefore very important to hire people your team actually likes. Think about screening for enthusiasm and optimism through techniques like behavioral based interviewing, which means getting prospective candidates to tell stories and look for the nuance.

A good leader must ultimately be an incredibly skilled coach — and that means knowing your players. We also know that great coaches always have a playbook that defines not just what you are going to do, but HOW you're going to achieve the aspirations laid out in your strategic plan. 

Your teacher and staff team needs to understand the plan. They need deep operational frameworks so everyone understands the roadmap for implementation. An effective operational plan lays out measurable goals, outlines action steps and assigns accountability — where every person understands exactly what needs to be done and their personal role in ensuring that targets are met.

Strategic plans need to be supported by deep operational roadmaps. Everyone needs to appreciate their role in executing the strategic vision and performance management plays a crucial role in cultivating personal accountability and clear expectations. Future Design School helps schools operationalize strategic plans through their tested best practices in building cascading Objectives and Key Results.

Further Support
Future Design School can help you set your team up for success! Our team helps schools build strategic plans as well as help to operationalize existing strategic plans. Contact to continue the conversation.

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Future Design School supports school leaders through strategic consulting and sustained professional development programs. Our approaches, tools and resources empower teachers and staff to embed a holistic, personalized approach, where students build key skills while rediscovering their passion for learning.

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