Dear School Leader

Dear School Leader; 


I have deep empathy for you at this moment.


Not only are you having to personally contend with an unprecedented moment in history yourself but you’re having to chart the way forward for many others. While you’re no doubt feeling the very same angst that all of us feel in the face of impending adversity and through times of uncertainty - you’re putting on a brave face, confidently reassuring others and laying out contingency plans. 


Without any fanfare, you’re selflessly focusing on the needs of others. You’re evaluating all potential scenarios, designing new protocols, writing endless communications, handling non-stop inquiries and trying to steer the ship in uncharted waters. Wayfinding in the dark can be daunting; devising strategy that has to evolve with rapidly changing data and fluid circumstances exhausts even the most experienced sailor. 


As a leader, you aren’t just responsible for some -- you are responsible for all. Your students -- along with their families, your educators and their families, all of your various team members, administrators, stakeholders and community partners -- there’s no shortage of people looking to you for direction. There’s a myriad of people and things to be looked after -- you’re worrying about everyone’s wellness, all of the ongoing communications, facilities, transportation, technology, timetables, budgets, planned events -- the list seems to never end. 


You’re up to your eyeballs and the last thing you need is even just one more person calling your office and spending one iota of your precious time.So, we won’t be calling you. 


Just know that it’s not because we don’t care - it’s because we care tremendously. We’re thinking of you and we deeply appreciate all of the thankless work you’re doing behind the scenes to look after the needs of your community each and every day.Thank you for all you’re doing -- and know that we’ll be here for whenever you need us. 


- Future Design School 

The Future Design School team is still hard at work looking to provide resources to students, teachers, and administrators during this time. If you would like to be notified of any resources that will be available in the coming weeks please enter your email below:


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